Sunday, May 2, 2010

Courtney Love controversy

Courtney  Love, the  wild rocker look with a shirtless during a concert in Brazil. He always behaved  extremely well on stage or elsewhere. Although he was already 47 years old, it seems that he has no intention of reducing keekstremannya.

When he was singing, suddenly opened his shirt, then took off her bra. Prance while singing he held his own breast. Right hand holding the mic and left hand holding the breast.

When off stage, Courtney had her chest with the finger pointing that form a figure. Yes once again, has always shown extreme behavior Courtney.

He has also performed 'naked' in front of the New York Times interviewer last year and later apologized for the incident.

In addition to her the news, while her daughter, Frances Bean engaged
with musicians Isaiah Silva, of the band The Rambles many media crews covering this matter.

Highlighted not only the engagement, but it turns out her daughter and Courtney did not have a good relationship. Although Courtney expressed a sense of longing, the relationship between mother and child did not improve.