Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting the Courtney Love Costume Righ

Courtney Love lived a full life. She was blond, beautiful, troubled and a superstar. Everybody knew her, ever tabloid wanted to say something about her, and they didn't always say the nicest things about her. Still, Courtney Love was famous, not only because of the outrageous things she did, like appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman,  
climbing on his desk and flashing him several timer, but also because of her look. The costume that was Courtney Love.

Courtney was a troubled child, and a troubled adult, she's probably known for being a drug taking, drinking rock star but she was shot into eternal fame after marrying on of the most famous rock legends of all time; Kurt Cobain.

Even before she met Kurt however, her style could have been described at rock-grunge. She had the red lips, she had the wild, long, sexy, unkempt locks that fell across her shoulders and she wore outrageous Courtney Love costumes, dropping jaws wherever she went.

In her own right she was a rock icon, and a fashion icon. Rocker chics loved her edgy style. She didn't care about what people thought of her, she marched to the beat of her own drummer, wore what she wanted, looked the way she wanted and inspired girls everywhere to see that they could be comfortable in their own skin, and that they could be who they were without needing the approval of everyone else.

She was most famous for tight, loud, belly baring costumes made to create a shock factor at how revealing, just how tight or how bright and colourful she could get. She had a very Marilyn Monroe inspired look from the get go, they both sported beautiful, golden curls, they were both gorgeous sex symbols and they both created a buzz no matter where they went. Courtney Love is basically Marilyn Monroe with a twist, an edge of reality, and purple dye in her hair.

She wowed fans onstage in costumes that went from tight black leather pants, to figure hugging and cleavage revealing bustier tops. Grunge white shirts tied at the waist, exposing her belly-button -and it's ring, as well as wild, too cool, blinding bright dyed hair that went from red to green to purple at whim.

The way to get the perfect Courtney Love costume would be to just go as crazy as you can with cut and texture and colour. Look for rips, careless, messy do's. She adored big grunge jewelry, bands and studs, complementing her late rock star husband perfectly.

She is truly the fashion icon of rock, because she rocked whatever she was wearing, wherever she went and proved that style wasn't a look, it was an attitude.